The pipeline industry's new time keeping app

Log time, mileage, & expenses for each project in real-time. Capture daily project notes. Powerful reporting for invoicing, payroll, and field tickets. 

Traditional time apps don't work for the pipeline industry

Service industry professionals like you often juggle various tasks: managing field operations, ensuring quality service delivery, and most importantly—ensuring your workforce's compensation is not only accurate but also compliant. 

Do you struggle with:

  • Complex compensation rules
  • Error-prone manual tracking and calculations
  • Inadequate evidence for compliance in the face of auditing or disputes

Introducing PigTracks Time

PigTracks Time is carefully designed with the pipeline service industry in mind, ensuring that every minute and every dollar is accounted for.

What sets our app apart is its unique ability to address the industry's notorious day rate challenge.

With PigTracks Time, you not only capture your billable hours but also your on-site expenses, all while steering clear of costly compliance pitfalls.

Why PigTracks Time?

Seamless Time Tracking

PigTracks Time offers a user-intuitive mobile and web app that permits workers to log their hours, mileage, notes, and expenses with minimal effort.

Powerful Rate Computation

Our proprietary algorithms crunch the numbers for you, ensuring that each worker is paid accurately and on time.

Cloud-based Convenience

Accessible anytime, anywhere, PigTracks Time guarantees that your data and the tools to manage it are never farther than a click away.

Efficiency at Scale

Combat the intricacies of complex day-rate payouts with a tool that automates every step.

100% Transparency

Gain the trust of your crew with a clear and regulated process for every payment cycle. All data is securely stored and easily accessible. Real-time analytics and detailed reports provide the backup you need to satisfy even the toughest auditor.


Tailor PigTracks Time to fit the unique structure of your business. It bends to your needs, not the other way around.

Packed with

Features Created Specifically For You

Generate OSHA reports at the touch of a button

Export in various formats with all your information in one compliant place.

Generate report button
Create a note

Add daily notes to create field tickets effortlessly

Clear documentation and reporting associated with each day.

QuickBooks integration for a smoother fiscal operation.

Seamlessly connect to your current tools so there are no interruptions.

Quickbooks logo

Are you Ready to Cut your administrative tasks in half?


Is TimeTracks compatible with different types of day rate structures?

Yes, TimeTracks is customizable to accommodate various day rate structures, ensuring it fits the unique needs of your business.

How does TimeTracks ensure accuracy in compensation calculations?

TimeTracks utilizes proprietary algorithms to accurately compute compensation, minimizing errors often associated with manual tracking and calculations.

Can TimeTracks integrate with existing payroll systems?

TimeTracks can integrate with Quickbooks, streamlining the process of transferring data and ensuring seamless compensation management.

Does TimeTracks offer support for compliance audits?

Yes, TimeTracks provides real-time analytics and detailed reports that serve as evidence for compliance during audits or disputes.

Is there a limit to the number of employees TimeTracks can accommodate?

TimeTracks is scalable and can accommodate businesses of all sizes, from small teams to large enterprises, without any limitations on the number of employees.