Know where your pigs are

A real-time pig tracking and project management platform for your whole team


Software Platform

PigTracks offers a full suite of software solutions for survey, pig tracking, and project management.

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Pig Tracking

Reduce pig tracking cost by leveraging our technology and partnerships. Operators save 37% on average. 

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Support Services

Virtual support for pipeline projects. We have your back when things get a little crazy. 

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Save Time and Money

We help pipeline operators reduce tracking cost by 37%, on average. 

We have partnered with the best service companies and AGM manufacturers to provide real savings. Modern AGM boxes communicate with PigTracks in real-time to automate part or all of the tracking process. Tracking technicians can also enter passages. All the data is displayed on one screen so your whole team is aligned. 

Track, Survey, and Communicate

All In One Platform

Save hours building survey and tracking reports

Align field and office teams

Notifications via email, text, and in app. 

You deserve to have a pipeline integrity project that doesn’t run on text messages. With our cloud-based technology, your whole team can know where the pigs are. Efficiency, flexibility, and affordability all at the click of a button.

Perfect for both pipeline operators and service companies

Pipeline Operators

PigTracks brings together both vendors and contractors in a cloud-based collaborative environment to keep historical pigging and survey data for each line.

  • Save 42% on tracking services
  • Better visibility means fewer, expensive mistakes
  • Keep Team members aligned in the office or the field
  • Monitor all projects in one location
  • All vendors see what they need in one place

Pipeline Service Companies

PigTracks will save you time and money by automating the data gathering and reporting processes for your pipeline integrity projects.

  • Gain back lost time
  • Build surveys & customize reports
  • Receive and send project updates
  • View survey and pigging activity in real-time, from anywhere

We know you want to deliver good service to your customers, but every day on the job is a circus of miscommunication. It’s not your fault. PigTracks provides real-time information; that means you can see what you need, when you need it. You never have to ask again, “Where is the pig?” Because you’ll know, and that knowledge brings peace of mind.

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PigTracks is the best tool to manage and execute pipeline integrity projects.

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